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The Original
Glass Blunt

No papers, no filters.
The glass blunt gets you smoking in no time.

The Future Of High Culture
Forget Rolling Backwoods

Inhale the Difference of the Glass Blunt. Twist One Up Today!

Pack. Twist. Medicate.
Easy as 1-2-3

All glass pieces that are machine washable, rubber washers to ensure maximum airflow and a removable glass tip make My Glass Blunt the newest and easiest way to enjoy some smoke with friends.

Purity Meets Clarity

Enjoy the clarity at its purest.


This is the most important part of any blunt. It’s a hollow see-through tube made of glass in which you put the herbs.


The spiral goes inside the glass tube and used as a screw for pushing the weed down, make sure that the device is filled compactly.


Glass blunts are reusable, it will be necessary for you to clean them after each use. Cleaning the tube and the spiral is easy.


Silicone caps are used to close the cylinder on each side. They make sure the weed inside the tube doesn’t spill.

Real Flavors Of The Herb

Experience Nirvana

Smoke from the glass blunt is pure, uncontaminated and free of any undesirable ingredients like burnt paper. Every hit is pure tasting and clean 💨

Glass Blunt Benefits

We Closely Cooperate With Selected Brands to Ensure High Quality Equipment

Live The Glass Blunt Life