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About Us

Founded In The Mile High City Denver, Colorado

The Glass Blunt Store has taken over the globe by spreading the love of flower through a revolutionary paperless invention. The Glass Blunt Store has become an iconic staple of the “420” heritage and the must-have household accessory of all true flower connoisseurs. Marijuana has personally saved our bodies, minds, and souls and we strive to spread the love and knowledge of a plant that has been forbidden by our society for unjust reasons. We proudly donate a portion of our proceeds to NORML and MPP to support the reform of marijuana laws.  

Our Story

Everything Started in 2012

Our team is a global collective of different individuals from every walk of life your mind can imagine, all united under one cause: Spread the love of Clean Smoke and we are proud to have the chance to share it with the world!

We invite you to join our transnational movement and inhale the difference!

In recent times, companies have worked tirelessly to reinvent smoking as we know it and make it a more relaxing experience than ever. One of the best things to come out of this brainstorming is the invention of glass blunts, stylish little devices that speed up the preparation process and amplify the smoke session itself.

Here at The Glass Blunt Store, we pride ourselves in the Greatest Paperless experience of all time with our signature Glass Blunts such as the Swished and OG Editions. Whatever style you find that suits your comfort, the smoke will be clean and all-natural!

What is #GlassBluntChallenge?

With blunts being such a staple of our everyday culture, both young and old, poison their bodies and rob the flower of its potency by inhaling the tobacco leaf 1 to 10 times a day, if not more! 

The Glass Blunt was designed to give you a nice, tight, clean cloud every time with no interference or contamination from the tobacco leaf. With so many people never being exposed to glass other than the nasty nature of the smoking crack, We’ve challenged the daily consumer to throw away the wraps, save their money, and tap into our Glass! Inhale the Difference and become and Believer!

What specifically makes GLASS BLUNTS better than ROLLING UP on your own?

Not only are you ridding yourself of the harmful effects of tobacco with the Glass Blunt but you will be able to finally unlock the full potency of the flower by keeping it ALL NATURAL!

Beware of other fake online sellers who look to profit off you and supply you with fake products. When you’re buying from us, you know that you’re buying from a reputable retailer that offers a full customer satisfaction guarantee.